Friday, October 5, 2018

A New Start

Hi, I'm Alicia (ahleeceeah), I'm 24 years old and still don't know wtf I'm doing but that's ok. I'm a passionate person truly but I'm not expressive about it because it's a bit vulnerable for me but nevertheless, I am working on that. I started blogging in 2012 as Neon Fox aka NeonStyleFox sharing my interest in style, beauty, fashion and more. I have since moved on from that space a while ago because I felt that it was adolescent and I just outgrew it.

Moving forward I have created a refreshed space where I plan to share and express with an intention that is valuable and inspiring. I wouldn't say that I am passionate about one particular thing or honestly found a real purpose but if that is what this leads to then, cool, great!

Anyway thanks for taking the time out to stop by and read this I promise that there'll be some creative content coming soon!

Love is Peace.

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