Friday, October 12, 2018

Changing My Attitude into Gratitude

Out of all the challenges I've had in my life learning how to be grateful was the best lesson. Once I realized the things that I was grateful for I was able to change my mindset on myself and my world I stopped worrying about the things that I didn't have. My entire life I was sad and disappointed about not having this or that leading me to constantly compare myself to others. Having that kind of attitude held me back and I couldn't move upward in life.
I've learned that what I lack absolutely does not matter but instead what actually matters is how I decide to work towards and manifest the things I truly want in life. I knew if I kept having the same attitude I would get the same negative outcomes repeating themselves in a cycle. My gratitude put me into a positive headspace that allowed me to push through challenges.
As of now, my main focus is making sure that my mind is at peace by detaching from what used to be, appreciating what I do have and being grateful for what's to come. It's all about staying within the flow of serendipity and having an attitude of gratitude.
I'm writing this all from experience with the hopes to encourage anyone who is going through a challenge to just move forward. You deserve to be at peace so give it to yourself.
All photos were shot by me.

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