Thursday, February 14, 2019

The 2 Affirmations That Keep Me Motivated When Sh*t Gets Hard

My life is a beautiful experience.
For a long time, I battled with my own self in questioning whether if life had any meaning. I was forever living in the past, worried about the future and couldn't really enjoy the present. Sometimes life brought on challenges that I did not think I could get through. I had to realize that to face those challenges I had to change the way I saw things rather than what I saw in life. It was all about changing my mindset. The more I focused on problems the more I continued to have problems. I am still learning to focus on the possibilities for better opportunities and breaking the vicious cycle of negative thinking. Honestly, life really is what it is and understanding that reminded me no matter what, my life is a beautiful experience.

I love myself unconditionally.
Last year I spent more time alone than I have ever done in my life. And honestly, it was the hardest but most rewarding time. I've been distancing myself from things that no longer serve me to attract greater things. I'm becoming more and more comfortable with solitude and it has allowed me to find out so much about myself, which is truly very self-empowering. Before this journey, I would constantly criticize myself for not being as successful as other people or for just being unproductive. But during this time of growth, I've learned that I have to kill self-doubt, be patient, realize that it's all a process and to, more importantly, love myself no matter what.

I've shared these affirmations to remind whoever is reading this that you are absolutely not alone. You really have to just trust the process and most of all have trust in yourself. If the entire world could realize such I'm sure this plane would be much more peaceful. So kill the ego and just let go. 

Love is Peace.

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