Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I Manifested My Current Self??

Happy New Year/Spring Equinox! Here's to new beginnings and many more blessings! Anyway,  I have come to the realization of something that I feel is necessary to express. When I used to go by as NeonStyleFox the name was just kind of random for me until I started looking deeper into the meaning of it. Using a dictionary--after breaking down the phrase--I discovered that NeonStyleFox represented a bright electric being who is mysterious with an eclectic style. 

I feel as though this random name I came up for myself was a manifestation of my current self. Neon, however, still resonates with me in many ways. When you read the definition of neon it gives you the chemical terms and explains how it's cosmically abundant made up of many spectrums and the fact it's a rare element on Earth and I honestly think those terms are very fitting for someone like me, so with that said here's my poem:

Was known as NeonStyleFox
Back then I was too hot
Style and grace
Romp up di place
It took a long time to get to this mental state
A new soul 
No more self-hate
I’ve got a new goal
I’m a NEON being
A bright electric thing
Who travels forever
Atomic number
An earthly rare one
Cosmically abundant
Of many spectrums
Can ya dig it N E O N

Shot by Dan & Directed by Ben

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